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Dear God,

In Dear God, Personal on March 28, 2011 at 21:21

I am so sorry, Lord. Please forgive me for I have gathered this hatred inside my heart. Help me, God to love like You love us. I no longer want to be selfish. Please help me to have a giving heart and a healing mind. I want to do this because this is what You want us to do and I will honor Your wish because You are my One and Only Lord. I hope to no longer build up hate in my heart, O, God. Whatever the case or the situation maybe, let me always remember that love is the only way to forever resolve things. Love is the only way. Love is our only way to You, Almighty Father. Love is the way to the Truth and the Light. You are the way to the Truth and the Light.

All these in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.