Be Your Own Reason

In Personal, Reflection on May 24, 2011 at 11:55

Tomorrow will be the first day of my being a junior college student. I’m a newly shifted Marketing major. I shifted to marketing because firstly, I had to since I didn’t qualify in the first program I applied for and secondly, because, I’m not sure— but somewhere in me I felt that I was, in some way, confident about my choice because of one person.

Well, isn’t that just nice to let someone affect some major life decision? I cannot believe how gravely pathetic I am to let some temporary feelings influence an important decision. I’m not saying that I’m regretting that I chose marketing management because frankly, I don’t give a shit. It’s just I really think and I know that it’s stupid to recklessly dive into unknown water just because I saw something shimmering floating in it.

It’s idiotic to let someone control you. It’s idiotic to have your life depend on someone. And you will certainly feel like one when you come to realize that they already left and you’re alone feeling lost and unsure because the reason you’re living your life is already gone. Do not let someone be the reason you’re living. Be your own reason why you’re living. Live because you deserve to. Live because you want to. Live because it’s your life and no one else’s.

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