In GMH, Personal on August 19, 2011 at 23:23

It gives me hope to know that there are still people out there whose hearts are, even just the least bit, left untainted. A Jen-Red cab company driver whose name I failed to ask made me believe in the natural kindness jut hidden inside a man’s heart.

A couple of minutes just after me, my mother, step dad, and his friend were dropped off at the spa, Renato, the friend, realized he accidentally left his newly bought phone inside Mr. Driver’s cab. I called back his phone in hopes that the driver would answer the phone and would be considerate enough to return the phone back—Mr. Driver absolutely didn’t disappoint me. I dialed the number numerous times that I almost gave up calling and finally he picked up and agreed to meet up again where we were dropped off. He handed the phone back and while proud of himself, and he should be, he showed his old-fashioned phone and said he could have just taken the phone with him but he is not that kind of man. Due to his kindhearted self, Renato handed him a hundred pesos; Mr. Driver earned it.

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