In the Post Office 101

In 101s, Personal, Raves on October 19, 2011 at 11:37

It’s Wednesday today and originally, I do not have classes but I still went to school to attend this seminar just to obtain those bonus points for my Economics class. I left the house about two hours earlier than the seminar because my brother seemed to got me some errands to run (Yeay! I was being sarcastic.)

First thing he asked me to accomplish was to go to the post office to air mail our birthday greeting cards to Joshua (I know, air mail? Why not just email, right? It’s different, okay? It’s different actually having to receive a card. It’s more special. His birthday will be on October 25, and he’s turning thirteen, I think)

Before I headed to the post office, I had a quick stop at a nearby book store to buy a larger envelope to put our letters in. I arrived at the post office and good thing there wasn’t any line (but then, duh,  there are no much people doing snail mail, are there? At least I think there aren’t much who send letters through snail mail these days)

I handed the post office lady my letter, she gave it back to me together with  9 pieces of stamp. I looked at it and back at her. Honestly, I have no idea how this goes, I thought to myself. I then asked the lady for assistance  and  in a seemingly annoyed tone she said, “Idikit mo lang”, and then handed me with this little bowl with a sponge soaked in water. I’ve never really thought about the use of the stamps, and the use of a lot of stamps at that since I don’t really do this kind of mail. I then observed these stamps are worth the value of the freight. The stamps I stuck on the envelope’s worth 85 pesos all-in-all. 8 pieces of 10 pesos stamps and one 5 pesos stamp. (so that’s how it is. At least I’ve learned something new)

I finished with the stamping and handed the lady the letter again. And as if I am stupid, she said, “Ne, ilagay mo lang dun sa mailbox o” This other guy doing his mails as well looked at me and pointed to the mailbox just a couple of meters away from where I was standing.

I was a bit pissed at the lady because, dude I was asking nicely and you could have just walked me, in a nicely manner, through this mail thing. Consider herself lucky for I was in no mood to be a bitch.

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