Kindness Tasted Like Lasagna!

In Personal on November 18, 2011 at 22:14

Earlier this Friday evening, I met a stranger on a bicycle. I was walking my way home when he stopped his bicycle in front of me and began to ask me for directions. From the looks of it, he’s lost and pretty tired. He was breathing heavily. Little dots of sweat covered his forehead. He might have tried beforehand to work his way out of the area yet failed and had no choice but to settle with asking for help. I was quite taken unaware ’cause I was deep into my own thoughts. I quickly snapped myself out of my head to help the dude. The man looked like he’s in his early 30’s but kind of a tad short for his age.

He was pedaling around for a couple of hours already, looking for Cartimar to buy his bicycle some parts and stuff. Lucky for him because he bumped into  this girl who knows her way around the area. Wonder why he didn’t just ask some people earlier to save him from all the trouble? I’m pretty sure there were people around the area, too, hours earlier. Men and asking for directions; seriously, what’s wrong with it? Anyway, after failing to apprehend my directions, I then decided to walk with him until he get a sight of the location. Honestly, an initial response would be skeptical about walking with the dude (considering the high crime rate in this country, you’d be damn well skeptical, too), but then I followed my gut. And my gut said, “You’d get free dinner out of this so get a move on!”– kidding! My gut told me to do this man a favor; to do this kind deed.

I managed a good chat with the dude and get this, he’s a friend of my older half-brother– cool coincidence. He’s actually an old high school friend of my brother. I gave him my brother’s digits to let them catch up with their lives and do some dude stuff. We arrived at the area but, unfortunately, we caught the shops closed. But hey, at least he’d know how to get to the place next time.

And because I saved him from more sweating and more confusion, and more probably because he’s friends with my brother, he offered me to grab a bite to eat. I could have passed on the free grub but I thought to myself, “Hey, this is the reward of this kind deed, you deserve it. Well, other than the already-rewarding feeling from it”

Basically, I got free dinner from helping a stranger find his way around. Good deeds really have their own rewards. Mine just tasted like lasagna.   

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