Happy birthday, Pa.

In Personal on December 4, 2011 at 16:55

Dear Pa,

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday! I know, your birthday is tomorrow (December 5th) but the 5th is a Monday and my class ends at 9pm (I know, right?) so we went to Loyola Memorial Park today instead of tomorrow. I miss you so much, Pa. I love you– love, love, love, love , love, love you! How old are you now again? 61? Or 60. Man, you’re old! Hahahaha. (sigh)

Have I told you I miss you? I guess I did, and I’m going to say it again just because I really, really miss you! I miss you, Pa! So. Much. Sometimes I wonder what our lives will be today if you’re still here.

Allene and I were guessing that if you’re still alive today, we are all still really, really, really fat! Imagine our fridge– both our fridges were always filled with food! It would be ridiculous to complain back then that you can’t eat anything, just ridiculous. I remember the doughnut cakes you always buy from S&R, plus the butter, jams, and cream cheese which was Allene’s and Nanay’s favorite. I never really liked that, I don’t know why.

I remember the afternoon we were all at the rooftop. It was a really nice afternoon. The tent was still up back then. Us kids were playing restaurant and you guys were our customers. We were making toasts and all and stirring coffee for you guys– miss those days.

Oh, yeah, especially your magic trick with the orange seeds. You’ll put a couple of seeds in your ear and then let them out of your nose. It was funny how we were all amazed at it. We were all like: Do it again! Do it again! How does he do that? and all those kiddie comments.

Those were the good, old, simple days. Well, I’ll feel you around, I guess. I love you and happy birthday, again! I bet God prepared a nice party for you.

With lots and lots of love,

Your Tayubo, your junior, your Alyssa

PS: Tayubo is short for tayo buhok which is Filipino for standing hair. That’s what he used to call me back when I was just a couple of years old because, literally, my hair was standing up. I looked like a baby troll. 

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