Holding Grudges: More of a Damage to Yourself

In Personal, Reflection on December 11, 2011 at 13:45

When someone do you wrong, it is a usual response to be mad at them. It’s the initial human response.

But being mad and staying mad at someone is a different story. There are some things that really leaves a mark that you can’t help but feel that ill will every time you recall the spitefulness and that’s when we end up holding grudges. It’s understandable for some who hold reasonable grudges. Time then is the key. Time is needed for a deep wound to heal. Through time, we learn to let go. By letting go, we allow the object of our aversion to have no control over us any longer.

All in all, holding a grudge does nothing good. In fact, it makes your life more miserable  compared to the life of the person you hold the grudge against. It weighs you down. Keeping all the hatred in there just gives you a negative aura, thus, you’re the one ending up miserable because you spend time thinking about how you loathe them instead of focusing on the better things in life. Forgiving is the best way to live, though forgiving takes a lot, it feels great to be the better person. Negativity is just a waste when we could be using our minds and our emotional strength to focus on more positive things and perhaps make some changes rather than sit and stew.

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