Where’s the car?

In Dreams, Personal on December 14, 2011 at 11:21

I had a dream last night that I was forced into marriage. It was for a reason of simply binding the families of the man and I together to acquire all the privileges our families have. I don’t even know the man, and the man doesn’t know me. It was just for that reason.

I remember that I only refused into getting into marriage the day of the wedding, right before the wedding started. I already had my wedding dress on and I was all ready to walk down the aisle when something hit me. A realization hit me. I thought of how my life is going to be like with a man I don’t even love, let alone don’t even know.

I was panting a bit and I was about to cry. I was panicking in the room and thinking of what I should do. They wouldn’t want me to not get through with the wedding so then an idea came up. I thought to myself, I’m going to run away.

I took my bag and got the car key. I ran through doors, more than a couple I think, before managing myself out of the place. The place was weird, by the way and that’s where I am supposed to get married. It was some kind of huge and long stage, and it was surrounded my trees. When I got out, there were lots of people. Made me think that my supposed to be soon husband is some famous icon. But I couldn’t care less about that, all I wanted was to get out of there.

I was still in my wedding dress, and I felt like it got ruined because I was running around. Then Allene saw me, she looked at me with a confused look as to why I looked such a mess just an hour before the wedding. I told her, I was running away and she tried to stop me.  I was looking for the car while she walked with me talking me out of my plan. She tried talking me out but it didn’t work, I wanted to run away so badly. But I couldn’t find the car and it was almost time for the ceremony to start. I hid myself while I waited for an available car to arrive.

And it stopped there.

It felt weird but at the same time I liked the feeling I had from the idea of actually running away– running away from it all.

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