“Don’t worry, you’ll go far”

In Dreams, Personal, Reflection on January 7, 2012 at 00:47

You’ll go far.  That’s what my Pa said in one of my dreams, later after he passed away. I still remember that dream– I wrote it down right when I woke up from it.

We were back in the old house’s patio– just the both of us. The setting brought back classic memories. I  felt like the still grade school me living in the old house. We were on my grandma’s fancy, old-fashioned, white furniture set. Pa was smoking. (though he quit smoking long before) We were just bonding, talking. I occasionally inserted comments on his smoking like he should stop because it obviously does nothing good to the body. A fast forward happened and the setting changed. He was lying on his deathbed and I was crying beside him, holding his arms. What made me bawl my eyes out even more was when he said his last words to me. He touched my already soaking face and uttered, “Don’t worry. You’ll go far.”

This is sad in a couple of ways. First, just dreaming about your loved ones die. Second, dreaming about your loved ones die and then waking up from it only to realize they really are gone. But looking at it in a different light, I realize it’s not that sad at all. Things cannot be undone, better look at the brighter side, right? I got to talk to him again, I got to touch him again, I got to see him again.  At least, I got to be with my Pa again even in my dream.

Don’t worry. You’ll go far. 

I needed that. I mean, someone to believe in me, in what I am capable of. Recently, all I hear are critical, negative, discouraging words from critical, negative, discouraging people. I tell myself everyday that I can make things possible, yet being surrounded by this kind of people, I start to think they’re right. When at times, I start to feel low, I just have to remember these words Pa told me: You’ll go far. At least I know there’s someone who believes in me.

I will hold close to my heart, these words. And I will assure for it to happen. I firmly believe I will go far.

Photo’s courtesy of http://ednacional.com/.

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