Here Comes The Feeling You Thought You’d Forgotten

In Personal on January 25, 2012 at 19:58

Earlier today, I was at Greenbelt to do some stuff. So I rode a Jeep, the most convenient way for me, to reach Ayala. I got off at the stop then walked my way– maybe a good five-minute walk, towards Greenbelt. Before I headed down GB, I stopped by Starbucks to buy me some cinnamon roll since I haven’t had any breakfast yet (cinnamon roll at Starbucks is just the best). I had my cinnamon roll in one hand and the other one was busy finding a good song in my iPod. I was walking and munching to the beat of Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low, thinking to myself, ‘This is nice, this actually feels nice; a great-tasting pastry, awesome music from one of my favorite bands,  and a nice walk in such a nice city’ 

Then I saw myself nearing that same spot.  I got closer, my strides got smaller and then slower. Scenes from that night came rushing down ever so quickly like water freeing itself from the cracks of a dam. The last time I was there was that night of the 3rd of January. That particular night, it was already fading into forgotten memories but seeing that same spot again today brought it all back like it never even left.  The heavy beats from the music soon faded and then filled with the melodramatic rhythm from Never Say Never by The Fray.

I was left spending the day distracted by the thoughts of him.

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