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Just This One Saturday: Chicken Cordon Bleu

In Food and Recipes on March 31, 2012 at 22:51

We usually invade the kitchen during Sundays only, hence, my food blog entry titles– Only On Sundays. However, this Saturday, after my brother’s girl accompanied me to Gilmore so I can get my laptop fixed (because I accidentally splashed beer on it, and yes, I was a bit zonked, anyway!) decided to cook something for my brother to make up for, I think, those drunken days: Cordon Bleu!

So if you haven’t got any idea how to prepare Cordon Bleu, here you go:

Step 1: Pound those chicken breasts!

Prepare a kilo of chicken breasts cut into halves. Pound the breasts until 1/4 of the original thickness using a meat mallet or rolling pin. Season each side of the chicken with salt, pepper, and Maggi Magic Sarap. We just added the Maggi seasoning just to add flavor to it, you can use oregano. Set aside, each aligned on a tray.

Step 2: Roll in the cheese and bacon.

Prepare your cheese and bacon strips. On a chicken breast, align a piece of stripped cheese and bacon. Roll the chicken, enclosing the cheese and bacon, and then tie it with a piece of yarn long enough to hold it all in. Do the same to the other chicken breasts. We used cheddar cheese for this one, but I’m thinking of using mozzarella next time to give your cordon bleu that stringy cheese effect when you cut or bite into it.

Step 3: To save you from a heap amount of heart attack.

This cordon bleu version is to be cooked deep-fried style to give that crunch we wanted. Deep-fried is admittedly delicious but let’s be honest, it’s not that healthy at all. Luckily, we found a way.

Prepare a pot of chicken broth enough to hold in your rolled chicken breasts under moderately high heat. Place in your chicken breast rolls until the chicken is fairly cooked. Letting your chicken sit in the chicken broth gives it more flavor. Set aside to cool down.

Step 4: Creating the crunch.

In two different bowls, prepare 3 whisked eggs, and bread crumbs or baked crushed chips. Coat your cooled down chicken first with the eggs and then with the bread crumbs. Do the same with the other chicken breasts.

Step 5: A short visit to the old deep-frying pan.

Deep fry your cordon bleu only until the outside turns golden brown. You don’t need to let them sit in there for much longer since the inside is already cooked. Strain the excess oil afterwards. Serve! You can serve it with a little garlic-mayo dip.

Chicken Cordon Bleu


Dream Catcher

In Personal, Reflection on March 31, 2012 at 22:02

A dream catcher

A dream catcher is this piece of handcrafted strings arranged in a web-like manner inside a piece of willow hoop, and decorated with beads, feathers, and such. This piece of craft is believed and used by the Native Americans to ensnare good dreams and obstruct bad ones. But if that’s the case, I would say this is more of a dream filterer. Well, anyway, what really got me talking about this is because earlier today, I met one– yes, met one.

Okay, so I am taking an elective where crash courses such as culinary sessions, bar tending lessons, fine dining sittings, plant visits, etc. are included. Earlier today, we went to a culinary session, and there I got an encounter with the Dream Catcher. I call him the dream catcher because I see him really as a dream catcher– and not one of those like that image above, but a real dream catcher– a dream chaser.  I absolutely loved the way he talked about his dreams and the people around him; he’s a ball of positive vibes sounding so sure and so focused in the dream that he has. Then I realized why I feel the way I do– so lousy; having no intellectual or emotional or spiritual excitement at all. I am indecisive. I do not know what I want. The reason I feel out-of-place is because I am!

It was nice to meet someone so inspiring. Perhaps, this person would not seem so inspiring at all, but for a person like me feeling quite strayed, anything that would reflect even just a hint of gleaming, I’d take it as that. Thank you so much, Dream Catcher. You helped me realize again when I was about to lose sight of the things that really matter.

I can’t help but think about how significant each person we meet in our lives and the different kinds of impact they bring.