Things That Really Matter

In Personal, Reflection on April 28, 2012 at 12:17

Lately, I feel that I am losing my way. I am losing sight of the things that really matter– bigger things in life than what career you should choose or what university and company you should go to or when you should get married. I realize that all these are just brought by the pressures pressed upon us. Clear your mind just this time and think about the things that really matter in life. Once you peruse and recognize these things, you will find yourself unstoppable.

1. Being kind and considerate, but at the same time sticking to what you firmly believe in.

2. Love and acceptance for oneself.

3. The unbreakable bond with your family.

4. Genuine friends who accept and love you for who you are and are there through highs and lows.

5. Loving what you do, and ignoring the pressures of what people might and will say.

6. Creating a bond with the one who truly makes you happy– one who makes you yearn more in life.

7. Being happy.

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