Hyundai Run For A Cause

In 101s, Health and Wellness, Personal on May 1, 2012 at 12:29

Hyundai Run for a Cause 2012 happened this 29th of April. It was a run for: (1) education, (2) community development, (3) Filipino heritage and pride, (4) environmental sustainability, (5) road safety and responsible car ownership, (6) youth development through sports, (7) women and children’s health, and (8) social entrepreneurship. I’m guessing more or less 10, 000 participants were in the run. It didn’t cost us any amount to participate– it was free of charge, which was amazing because participants were still given singlet, a bib, and a tracker.

We registered in the 10k run (well, actually my brother registered us in the 10k category without our consent), and man, was it long; felt like the road kept on extending– I mean, for someone who haven’t gone on a run before. Or in other words, this being someone’s first marathon. It’s been 2 days since the run and my legs are still killing me. Regardless, my first marathon was, all in all, awesome.

Seeing people run with you (more of run ahead of you) gives this feeling of belonging. It’s as if people gathered and agreed to do this one thing for a similar purpose– which actually what this run was all about.

All that I’m saying is that, in this world where madness and chaos shudders, once in a while it’s really nice to see the humaneness in simple things like this one.

Looking forward to more runs!

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