Getting Back On That Horse

In Personal, Sketches on December 30, 2012 at 08:57

Evidently, it’s far from being finished but I’m working hard to get back on that horse. I’m in an endeavor to get these hands back into sketching. Well, okay, mostly just my right hand ’cause I’m not ambidextrous like Leonardo da Vinci or those other highly gifted dudes and chicks.

It’s been a while since I picked a pencil up and threw in some circles and swirls and lines on a piece of paper. School has something to do with it (Yeah, that’s right, school. You and your homework minions suck. Kidding, I love learning. HAH! No, seriously. Anyway, getting off topic here) however, I think it’s mostly because lately, my heart’s no longer into it. I do not feel towards it the way I feel before towards absolutely everything when I was little: so full of energy, so full of curiosity– so full of heart.

. . . . .

I find it just so beautiful– art in general– and how it serves as a mode to express one’s feelings and or ideas. It’s like the mind of the creator pulled out of his head and into this piece– may it be visual, performing, literary, or those other forms, for us to see but not really see. It’s very interesting and very expressive of sentiments. It’s wonderfully mysterious that it symbolizes a secret story from one’s mind and that we can never be assured no matter how hard we try to decode what the piece is genuinely saying– what brought its existence– the full-on story behind it, until the maker himself reveals what it truly signifies. And thus, we settle with our own interpretations. These works can mean anything which moreover fascinates me– that a single piece of art can hold a whole bunch of meanings to different people. It’s soulfully amazing how it can have very vague intentions and hold such distinct features at the same time.

I started on that sort-of-soul-piercing-eye-wouldn’t-you-think-so sketch a month ago in an attempt to resuscitate my debilitated soul for drawing. Although I am on a holiday break with no other things to prioritize but being on a break, I still can’t seem to complete this thing. Recently, I just fail to feel the same as I had before towards it. I wish I can get my soul back into drawing as enthusiastically as I just talked about how verily my admiration for the field it’s in. But then, maybe I just lack vision.

When I feel the want because I feel the need of it because I have so many locked-up feels and ideas that require immediate liberation, that’s when I find my fingers positioning themselves around a freshly sharpened pencil. At the moment, that strong creative impulse might just be out of hand. Perhaps, a good book, a nice conversation, or maybe just going out will get me back into it.

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