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Keeping Myself On Track

In Cathedral of Praise, Personal on January 13, 2013 at 02:53

Received this card last Sunday (January 6) from Church as Pastor Sumrall shared thoughts about being loyal, constant, and steadfast; an interesting subject, at least for a person like me who struggles being faithful– and by faithful, I do not solely allude to being spiritually consistent but being consistent in its general sense.

. . .

My Faithfulness Goals 2013

Consistency in:

1. Praying everyday and doing my devotions.

I do say my prayers, unfortunately only when I remember to do it. I don’t want to remember His presence only when I need Him; I don’t want to come to Him only with pleads. I want to make it a habit to acknowledge God every single day of my life, not missing a day He grants me another one to breathe out; and as much as possible to stretch out an arm only full of praises.

2. Getting updates and bonding with my mom and two younger brothers all the way in Switzerland at least once a week.

I find it difficult to genuinely bond without the physical presence of the other. If they’re way over there and I’m here, eventually I’m going to run out of things to tell and they’re going to run out of things to tell either. If I’ve done something stupid and funny, I can’t Viber it to them and make it still sound as funny as when it happened so I end up not telling it anymore ’cause what’s the point if it will not be as laughable. Come on, things are a hundred times humorous and not to mention more genuine when you’ve witnessed it or hell, when you’re a part of it! In addition, I find it more hearty to share my thoughts with someone who’s actually present. We can video call or whatever, but it’s different when they’re there, you know what I mean?

But I’ll get past through that. I’ll make great efforts to strengthen our bond because, hey, it’s family we’re talking about here; the only people who will never turn their backs on you, they will be there for you till the end.

3. Coming up with a drawn work once a week.

Remember that post saying something like resuscitating my debilitated soul for drawing? Well, I’ll liven it up by making it a settled practice at least once a week.

4. Being venturesome!

Okay, this one gives a paradoxical impression. I mean, being consistent in being unexpected, right? But, hey, I need the extra boldness in me. So, cheers to that!

. . .

I’ll get back to this list soon, perhaps. But for now, I’ll leave it at those four.


Six Things Parents Should Tell Their Children

In Cathedral of Praise on January 7, 2013 at 13:28

Parent-children relationship is an important element  in the becoming of a growing child. It is momentous that  parents and kids establish a well and grounded relationship with each other for a favorable environment especially in the long run.

Cathedral of Praise Sunday service led by Pastor Sumrall shared these six things parents should tell their children:

1. “You belong to me, I belong to you.”

By telling your kids that you belong to each other shows certain acknowledgement that you share the same flesh and blood thus, providing security to your child.

2. “You are loved.”

They need to know you love them. Actions can sometimes be considered enough, but not in all cases. Verbally communicating this gives assurance and strength. Tell the world you love them!

(Reference verse; John 15:9)

3. “I am pleased with you. I am proud of you.”

Compliment them when they do well. Throw in a simple “Good job!” or “Well done!” in times you see them exert an effort. This will encourage them to do more things greatly.

4. “I trust in you.”

Trust is such a big thing to be placed upon someone. It takes a lot of courage to truly trust people, and by putting your trust in them conveys that sense of exclusivity– that of all people, you choose them to trust.

(Reference verse; John 3:35-36, John 13:3-4)

5. “Your words are valued.”

This implies that you also are a sounding board, ready to listen to them. Give them the feeling of importance through listening to what they have to say.

(Reference verse, Luke 9:35)

6. “Come here, I want to teach you.”

Teaching them does not only benefit them  new knowledge or learning. It allows you to build a strong bond with your child. Bond through learning.

(Pastor David E. Sumrall, February 2012)

Late Night Thought

In Late Night Thoughts, Personal on January 5, 2013 at 02:28

Have you ever seen something/ someone just too beautiful it made you cry? When your heart gets genuinely overwhelmed ’cause of their very being– that kind?

I am utterly captivated by you and all which makes your essential being, and I love you for that; but not in love with you, just, love you.