How To Cut Through The Chaos And Listen To Yourself

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2014 at 21:25

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Neil KrugNeil Krug

What we don’t realize about our intuition is that it usually presents itself as a whisper. It’s this tiny voice that exists in the back of your mind, a calm even-keeled voice, powerful, but small in its vocalization. This is why we can’t hear it. This is why we make a disaster out of our lives. It’s impossible to hear an intuitive whisper when our lives are chaos. This is why they say to meditate, because, at the very least, what it does is relax your mind long enough to hear that whisper. Otherwise, we gloss over it.

We pick out the nearest emotion to feel, the nearest reaction, the nearest conclusion. And, when our lives are already in chaotic flux, our minds running rampant, our nearest thoughts are from fear, because they are loud as all hell. Loud, screaming bellows. Big, crazy reactions. Insane, ridiculous conclusions. Our…

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